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Our OLS software package offers a total ERP solution for operational and financial management for logistics service providers, forwarders, nations, customs agents and industrial shippers.

OLS supports stock management (warehousing), forwarding, customs, financial management, rates, invoicing and customized reporting. The software application ensures a far-reaching integration between the various modules, so no double registration of data.

General modules of our basic ERP ​

  • “Forwarding” or “CNI” (consignment) is the module for central file or shipment management. Accompanied by this is the “Workflow” module. This provides an overview of the status of the shipments and the associated tasks. The entire process is controlled by predefined workflows, depending on the type of shipment, customer and even destination.
  • The “IMS” module (Inventory Management System) ensures efficient management of inbound and outbound, transfer of ownership and stock. With this module you can manage an unlimited number of commodities, product types, warehouses and warehouse locations. Stock, movement and rental settlement lists are also part of this module.
  • Tool for flexible reporting in Excel.
  • A digital archive that collects all documents and is always accessible.
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OLS integrates with various external platforms:

✓ DockFlow
✓ EDI (booking en B/L, CargoSmart, INTTRA…)
✓ NxtPort
✓ Pionira
✓ ShipsGo
✓ External accounting software
✓ …

Additional add-ons

On top of the basic package​

The Warehouse Management System (RF / barcode scanning) supports the use of mobile scanners for activities such as receiving goods, mutations, order picking and delivery of goods.

OLS can be seamlessly integrated with OLS Customs, our software for the automation of all customs formalities. More info

Your ERP system can be seamlessly integrated with our ORAS accounting package. This financial software ensures a complete accounting follow-up: purchase and sales invoices, supplier accounting, cheques…

This graphical tool from Organi is a central planning module for all your resources in 1 handy calendar overview! It is a visual representation of everything that needs to be planned in your company: transport (factory pick-ups & customer deliveries), personnel (schedule shifts & material) and production (machinery in your production process).

A business intelligence tool shows you dashboards with historical and real-time data and generates reports to give you insight into the most important figures. You will receive an answer to questions such as “How many TEU have we shipped with which shipping companies to which destinations?” and “Where exactly does my revenue come from?”. More info

Our ORNG suite contains various web applications that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This range includes: worklog app, container terminal app, document portal, invoice approval app… This way you have all the information available wherever and whenever you want. Very handy if you want to quickly check something on your smartphone before your customer visit!

OLS coordinates the logistics processes in your warehouse, on your expedition floor and during the entire transport. In this way you obtain an extremely business-oriented and efficient automation for the complete handling of your activities as 3PL or 4PL provider.

Our customers

Kristof Poulain
Kristof Poulain Business Unit Manager
Kristof has been working at Organi since 2003. He leads the OLS (Customs) consultants and developers, but is nevertheless also close to our customers to advise and guide them in all their logistics issues. Kristof is also our internal specialist in data reporting and analytics via the BI tools QlikView, Qlik Sense and Power BI.

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