Software application for the automation of all customs formalities processes

OLS Customs is a software package that automates all processes related to customs formalities. We developed this software based on the experiences of our declarants.

The application goes much further than just communicating with and handling documents with customs. OLS Customs contains declarations, warehouse management, goods compatibility, fiscal representation and various additional modules.

OLS Customs has a modular structure and is fully tailored to your professional needs. The software package is mainly suitable for customs brokers, nations, logistics service providers and industrial companies that want to handle their formalities themselves.

! Changes to UCC !

Since the amendment of the Union Customs Code in 2016, the EU Customs Data Model has been in operation. To implement this, several major ICT projects are scheduled by customs.

As an IT partner, we are actively engaged in making the necessary adjustments to our software, we are active members of CRSNP, and we commit to participating in various working groups on this topic.

General modules of our basic ERP ​

  • File management: an electronic declaration system for easy handling of all your customs documents (PLDA, NCTS and/or EMCS)
  • A digital archive that collects all documents and is always accessible.
  • Reporting via Crystal Reports to automatically generate and send personalized reports tailored to your customers.
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OLS integrates with various external platforms:

✓ Control Tower
✓ E-Balie (APCS)
✓ NxtPort
✓ Portbase
✓ Tarbel
✓ Your own ERP
✓ …


On top of the basic package​

Module for an automatic AEO self-assessment for all types of declarations.

This module can function as an internal audit tool in the context of the AEO certificate.

The AEO module will serve on the one hand as support for the people who are involved with the AEO certificate and the checks on it, and on the other hand as reporting to the auditors/inspectors of Customs & Excise.

The application will select a random number of declarations to be checked by the declarant.

It will be possible to report to the inspectors of Customs & Excise:

  • which declarations were checked and on the basis of which criteria
  • which comments were made to the declarant

A business intelligence tool shows you dashboards with historical and real-time data and generates reports to give you insight into the most important figures.

You will receive an answer to questions such as:

  • “For which customer have I made which type of declarations and how many?”
  • “What are the amounts owed for a certain period?”
  • “What is the revenue per customer?”


More info

As far as invoicing is concerned, there is the additional module “Electronic invoicing” (based on rate books).

Invoicing is possible at different levels:

  • on-billing customs costs
  • additional service costs
  • document costs

The “Bonded warehouse management” module includes:

  • Inventory administrations for the management of all warehouse arrangements: R, S, U, excise duties & VAT.
  • Intelligent stock allocation for fiscal optimization of stocks (depending on the destination of the goods, the correct stock will be used automatically).
  • Temporary storage.

The “Fiscal representation” module takes care of the automatic processing of VAT administration, both 07965 and 07966.

The computerized tax administration is parameterizable and manages (in accordance with the regulations for the tax representative) the import and export of goods.

With the module “Fiche 46” you match the amounts owed according to the customs website with the declarations in your system.

Fines are added and can be linked to a declaration.

The totals including the detail can be presented to an accounting package, including additional accounting data.

With the “GCB” module, consolidated goods can be cleared quickly and easily that have been reported to customs via the Master Air Waybill.

GCB stands for Goods Compatibility Brucargo and is for import by air (ECS is for export by air).

Integrations are possible with a declaration input program, a track & trace (Crossroad Communication) and third-party software.

Content module “GCB”:

  • Validation of list messages and partial lists.
  • Input and validation of transfers & creation of transfers based on existing list messages.
  • Ability to convert entered manifests into list messages.
  • Extensive status tracking and search options.

Litigation management: module for a complete and overarching follow-up of all disputes with customs.

This module makes it possible to register and follow up declarations that lead to a dispute within OLS Customs. This module is fully integrated with the declarations made in the ‘Daily List’ program.

The aim is to register and to follow up the disputes in this module. As long as a declaration is known in this module and has not been closed, this is clearly visible to the other users in the overview of the declarations.

Within this module, not only the current disputes are kept, but all disputes that have ever been registered are made available online.

Reminder management: automatic follow-up of non-cleared declarations.

The reminders are adjustable per customer per type of reminder. It is also possible to configure the email body of the reminder and add a cover letter with references to data from the declaration.

This module includes the management of:

  • Reminders by email of the non-cleared NCTS departure declarations.
  • Reminders by email of the PLDA export declarations without exit confirmation.
  • Reminders by email for the declarations with inward processing in function of the due date of validity.
  • Reminders by email of the non-cleared EMCS departure declarations
  • Reminders by email for VAT invoices and signed CMRs that have not yet been received.
  • Gradual reminders (1st reminder, 2nd reminder, 3rd reminder…) per declaration in function of the number of days elapsed.

Our ORNG suite contains various web applications that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This range includes: worklog app, container terminal app, document portal, invoice approval app, bonded warehouse portal…

This way you have all the information available wherever and whenever you want.

Very handy if you want to quickly check something on your smartphone before your customer visit!

Thanks to the extensive integration options with existing back-office ERP systems (SAP, NAV, Oracle…), the standard package from OLS Customs is also suitable for fully automatic processing of customs formalities for production and trading companies (industrial senders).

Our customers

Kristof Poulain
Kristof Poulain Business Unit Manager
Kristof has been working at Organi since 2003. He leads the OLS (Customs) consultants and developers, but is nevertheless also close to our customers to advise and guide them in all their logistics issues. Kristof is also our internal specialist in data reporting and analytics via the BI tools QlikView, Qlik Sense and Power BI.

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