Business intelligence

Get an overview of your most important business figures!

What is it?

A business intelligence (BI) tool shows you historical and current data, so that you gain insight into the most important business figures. It measures the health of your organization, as it were, so that you can draw the right conclusions.

At Organi we offer Qlik: an intuitive self-service BI solution for data analysis and real-time reporting, which is also available on mobile, extra useful for your representatives on the road!

Within our standard BI suite we analyze figures on 3 major levels:


Every company has an enormous amount of – often large, complex and unstructured – information flows from all kinds of sources. It would therefore be a great pity not to use this information. A BI tool collects all this different data in 1 central place, stores and analyzes it, without your team having to spend time making manual analyses.

BI data visualization presents data in an accessible and understandable way thanks to graphs, tables, colors… This way everyone in your company can understand the analyzes without much technical know-how. All your figures are brought together in 1 dashboard that visually tells your story.

Benefits of a business intelligence tool

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Dashboard & detail

You start from the main dashboard and then have the option to filter and magnify each detail further. From there you can view each aspect from different dimensions, for example per product group, order or representative. Pivot tables contain both absolute numbers and percentages to give you an objective result.

Dimensions can also always be combined according to your own wishes, eg the combination of 1 specific product group and the turnover.

Kristof Poulain
Kristof Poulain Business Unit Manager
Kristof has been working at Organi since 2003. He leads the OLS (Customs) consultants and developers, but is nevertheless also close to our customers to advise and guide them in all their logistics issues. Kristof is also our internal specialist in data reporting and analytics via the BI tools QlikView, Qlik Sense and Power BI.

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