Business Process Automation


A reliable software package gives you more time for your core business!

No well-functioning company today can do without an optimal software package. Such a package automates daily administrative and operational processes in your company, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. While you outsource a lot of work, you still retain full control.

Optimizing your business processes offers the following benefits:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased efficiency due to reduced margin of error
  • Enhanced focus on your core business activities

Trade & industry

Achieve complete automation of business processes across various sectors including recycling, wood, construction, concrete, steel, metal, tiles, chemicals, wholesal and more.

Logistics & customs

Comprehensive solutions tailored for logistics service providers, forwarders, storage companies, customs offices, and industrial companies with logistics processes.

Bailiffs & debt collections

Our software solution offers a suite of standard functionalities that can be customized to meet the specific preferences of each bailiff and collection agency.

Bookkeeping & accountancy

Our financial software package is designed for accounting and accountancy firms, as well as the financial departments of medium to large companies.

How we work

During a non-binding, live demonstration we will show you all the basic functionalities of our software.

“After the demo, we were very impressed with Organi’s expertise and technology. They not only had impressive solutions and a long list of customers. They had already proven their success in the sector and were also based in Belgium.”

Walter Verhaert, Director, SVK Bouwmaterialen

We discuss your wishes and needs together and work out a personal proposal, after which we officially confirm our collaboration.

“The price-quality ratio was a decisive factor in our decision. But also the fact that Organi assured us that it could develop anything we needed, even if it didn’t exist yet. Other suppliers were less flexible to meet our needs.”

Steven Van Riel, Distribution Center IT Program Manager, Atlas Copco

With an extensive analysis, we map out your business processes, so that we can ensure that the software is fully tailored to your company. Our developers create your personal package and afterwards our consultants implement this software at your office.

“We were very well supported by Organi during the implementation of the ERP. There were enough people there to solve the small problems that are always there.”

Eric Martens, CEO, Martens Hout

Our consultants give your employees the appropriate training, so that they can work optimally with the software.

“My job consists of advising and supporting our customers, organizing training courses and implementing new functionalities. Our customers can always contact me for any logistics issue!”

Nicky Schroeyers, Business Consultant, Organi

A problem or question? Our customer care department will be happy to assist you both inside and outside office hours!

“The advantage of Organi is that you can contact someone one-on-one and that it is a smooth collaboration, which is important to us. The after-sales service of such a package also adds value to a company.”

Bart Wijckmans, Director, Wijckmans Bouwmaterialen

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