Planning tool

All your resources in 1 good-looking and handy calendar overview!

What is it?

This graphical tool from Organi is a central planning module for all your resources in 1 handy calendar overview! It is a visual representation of everything that needs to be planned in your company.

The planning tool is not an extra software package that requires a lot of time and technical knowledge from its users. The goal is to plan efficiently and effortlessly, so that you can focus more on your core business!


A planning tool not only gives you insight into the tasks that still need to be done, but also helps you to map out your activities and resources, to steer them in the right direction and to see where there is still capacity in the available planning. All advantages at a glance:

Everything in 1 handy overview

The main screen of the planning tool consists of 5 parts: the filter criteria, the monthly calendar, the overview of your resources, the orders to be planned (with their details) and your planning.


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Johan Haghebaert
Johan Haghebaert Sales Manager ERP
Johan has been working at Organi since 1989. Due to his many years of experience, he has become one of the pillars within the company, so he knows Organi and our software like the back of his hand. Johan gives demos to prospects and maintains customer contacts.

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