For over 20 years, Zuidnatie has relied on solutions from Progress Software partner Organi to manage activities associated with its logistics, warehousing and accounting operations. “The fact that Organi knows our business intimately is a critical component to our relationship, explains Marc Stijleman, CFO of Zuidnatie. “Our business is very complex; one minute we are handling a dangerous product with a heavy weight and the next a normal container with a normal pallet product. Specific characteristics of the shipment have to be communicated through the various channels to get the products from one side of the world to another. And then of course, the process is further complicated by industry regulations. So it is a tremendous benefit for us that Organi knows these critical aspects of our business. Other software companies lack the industry expertise to meet our needs and deliver a customized solution. But over the past two and half decades, Organi has continued to evolve its solutions to meet the unique needs of the market and help us maintain our competitive edge.”

A High Availability, Virtualized Infrastructure Ensures 24x7 Operations

“‘Sorry customer…our system is down,’ is a wrong and unacceptable answer for Zuidnatie,” says Marcel Dubourg, CEO of Zuidnatie. Consequently, after the deployment of OLS, Zuidnatie decided to move to a totally new, high availability, virtualized infrastructure. The company is close to completing the process which will have two separate sites. The on-premises system will be fault tolerant, with built-in failover capacities in the case of technical interruption or an unforeseen disaster. “We needed 100% assurance that there is no downtime or disruption in our business,” says Stijleman. “By splitting our infrastructure between two sites, we can be sure that even in the face of the unexpected we will continue working and communicating with our customers. And the ability to promise our customers that we run a 24x7 business—no matter what—is also a significant competitive advantage for us.”

OLS will offer support for forwarding, inventory management, finance/tariffs and invoicing, and customized reporting. In addition to OLS, Zuidnatie is using Organi’s OLS Customs for automating the customs process, OLS for managing container logistics, and for finance and accounting. Zuidnatie has completed implementation of the logistics component of the solution. It is now in the process of finishing the paperless office, the company plans to leverage the digital information system that is already in OLS, and it will implement modules for analytical reporting to provide even
more insight and flexibility.

A Collaborative Approach to Ongoing Success

The relationship between Zuidnatie and Organi has evolved over the years into one of collaboration and consultancy. “Organi is not just a software vendor to us, but a true partner committed to our success. They have made a concerted effort to establish relationships at every level of our organization—operational, administrative, management, etc., which has given them even greater insight into our unique challenges. And whatever the issue or question, we know we can rely on Organi to provide the required support.”

Even though Zuidnatie has partnered with Organi for over 20 years, Stijleman says the company is always looking at the market and comparing other options. “But year after year Organi proves itself to be the best fit for our organization and the most capable of delivering significant competitive advantage to our business.”

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