Varesa NV

Varesa NV is a great example of a true and close family business. In 1976, the family company Varesa NV became the Varesa fruit juice brand. Meanwhile, the portfolio of fruit juices has been further expanded. In 2004, the decision was made to build a new, modern logistics center of 10,000m² in Lommel. In 2005, Varesa moved to this new site. In 2008, the first expansion was already realized and in 2012 the warehouses of the 2nd expansion were taken into use. Now the area of our total site is 55 000m².

40 years ago, the fundament of the cooperation with Organi was created during a meeting between Richard Van Renterghem (General Manager Varesa) and Geert Grauwet (CEO Organi). This collaboration resulted in some beautiful realizations including the integration of the voice picking system.

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